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Why Hire Katt & Company

Katt & Company receives no compensations from life insurance companies for recommending their policies. The firm is paid directly by the client, creating a fiduciary relationship that is based on trust and confidence. As a result, clients can expect the following advantages:


We have the expertise that comes with a combined 31 years experience analyzing life insurance policies and planning on a fiduciary fee-only basis. We regularly review life insurance policies having a combined value of well over $1 Billion. Our work has a strong actuarial basis. Life insurance agents training in the skills of establishing relationships and selling techniques can leave them quite unprepared for the kind of complex analysis needed to frame issues so clients can make informed choices. The comparison between Katt & Company and agents is similar to the differences exhibited by magicians and physicists. Prospective clients need to review this site's Articles and Life Insurance Perspectives sections to understand our lead role in interpreting and communicating the many complex issues associated with life insurance policies and planning. A short list would include no lapse life insurance, variable life, life settlements and investor initiated life insurance. Generally, our role is to fully explain the options that are appropriate and let clients make their own determinations. This approach is only possible when coupled with a high degree of experience.


We are compensated by the hour. We have no financial interest in the decisions our clients make. This motivates and encourages Katt & Company to provide clients with the full menu of options from which to choose. This objectivity uniquely qualifies Katt & Company to analyze existing life insurance policies, which is our most frequent engagement.

Wholesale Costs

We save our clients huge amounts of selling expense for the policies they purchase working with us. Reducing selling expenses (mostly commissions) either adds value to the policy or reduces premiums. A very frequent method to reduce selling expenses is accomplished by selecting the most consumer-friendly policy structure of the same policies that commission-motivated agents sell. Another way is to use load-low policies from direct writers. The amount of savings are enormous and almost always many multiples of our fees.


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