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Mr. Katt has been a life insurance columnist and contributing editor for the AAII Journal (published by the American Association of Individual Investors) since 1990, the Journal of Financial Planning since 1992, and the AICPA Insider since 2011. The following articles are provided with their permission. The information presented in each article may not be timely because the authors opinions or judgments may have changed, also laws or regulations affecting insurance policies or planning may have since changed.

Published Articles
2015 May
Index Universal Life: The Latest Risky Life Insurance Product (PDF)
2014 Oct
Misunderstanding Variable Universal Life Can Lead to Adverse Consequences (PDF)
2014 Jul
Life Insurance Policy Replacements: Dos and Don'ts
2014 Jul
The Right Type of Life Insurance for Your Estate Planning Needs (PDF)
2014 Jan
Life Insurance Cash Value: A Practical Discussion (PDF)
Guest Article
2013 Mar
The Blind Leading the Blind: Seasoned Money in Qualified Plans, by Lawrence C. Starr (PDF)
2013 Nov
Keeping Up with Current Insurance Events
2012 Nov
The Confounding Nature of Policy Maturities
2012 Jul
A Primer on Insurance Products
2012 Mar
Convoluted Valuing of Life Insurance Policies
2012 Mar
Life Insurance and Estate Gifting
2012 Jan
Index Universal Life Insurance
2011 Dec
Life Insurance Policies in a Medical Corporation
2011 Nov
Business Continuation in Buy-Sell Planning
2011 Oct
Business Continuation Planning in Closely Held Business
2011 Sep
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
2011 Aug
Insurance As an Investment
2011 Jul
Level Death Benefit Policies
2011 Jun
Life Insurance: Managing Premiums and Policy Maturity
2011 Jun
Updating the Life Settlement Market
2011 May
Universal Life Insurance
2011 Mar
A Complex Game: The Life Settlement Process
2011 Mar
Life Settlement, Insurance and Benefits
AAII 2010 Sep Variable Universal Life: Astute Management Required
2010 May
The Pitfalls of Life Settlements
2010 Mar
Life Insurance Solutions for Estate Tax Challenges
JFP 2009 Nov Managing Life Insurance: Loans or Withdrawals?
2009 May
Lightening the Financial Load of Life Insurance Products
2009 Mar
Life Insurance Options for Tough Times
2008 Nov
Living with the Cost of Dying
AAII 2008 Jun Insurance Products and Taxes: Keeping Uncle Sam at Bay
2008 Mar
A Life Settlement Mosaic
2007 Sep
The Unsettled State of the Life Settlement Market
JFP 2007 Jul Words of Caution
AAII 2007 May What You Need to Know About Immediate Annuities
2007 Mar
A New Recipe for Life Insurance Valuation
JFP 2006 Nov The Good, Bad and Ugly of Annuities
AAII 2006 Jul Annuities: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
AAII 2006 May Why You Should Avoid Investor-Initiated Life Insurance
JFP 2006 Mar The Mortality Table Is Coming...So?
2005 Nov
Life's Tax Advantages
JFP 2005 Jul Using Monte Carlo to Assess Variable Life
2005 Mar
Insuring a Good Defense
JFP 2004 Nov The Risk/Benefit Trade-Off of No-Lapse Premium Guarantee Policies
JFP 2004 Jul An Analysis of Premium Financing
JFP 2004 Mar Tax-Avoidance Life Insurance Schemes Redux
AAII 2003 Nov Variable Life Insurance: Be Wary of Policy 'Delusions'
AAII 2003 Jul The Potential Problems with No-Lapse Premium Guarantees
2003 May
A Life Settlement Update; and Life Insurance in Pension Plans
JFP 2003 Mar ERISA Jurisdiction May Not Apply
AAII 2002 Nov Hard-To-Spot Differences in Tax Loopholes vs. Tax Scams
2002 Nov
Protecting Clients from Life Insurance Schemes
AAII 2002 Jul Life Insurance Issues to Be Wary Of:
Surrender Values and Leaps of Faith
JFP 2002 Jul Assessing Clients' Life Settlement Offers
AAII 2002 May Does it Make Sense to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?
JFP 2002 Mar Taking a Healthy Look at Life Insurance
AAII 2001 Nov Variable Life Insurance Policies and Stock Market Volatility
JFP 2001 Aug Time to Change Disability Income Policies?
AAII 2001 Apr Points to Ponder in Selling and Investing in Insurance Policies
JFP 2001 Apr "Disreputable" Viatical Investments
JFP 2000 Nov Disguised Tax Avoidance is Still Tax Avoidance
2000 Jul
Using Variable Life Insurance As an Investment Alternative
JFP 2000 May Getting 'Real' with Health Care
AAII 2000 Apr Life Insurance and Uncertainty Over Repeal of the Estate Tax
AAII 1999 Nov Managing the Cash Values of Permanent Life Insurance
JFP 1999 Sep New Versions of Old Tricks: Springing Cash Values
AAII 1999 Jul The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Variable Life Insurance Policies
JFP 1999 Apr Detecting Exaggerated Policy Performance
AAII 1999 Feb The High Price of Tax-Deferral: A Look at Deferred Annuities
JFP 1998 Dec Live Long and Prosper?
AAII 1998 Nov How and When to Purchase Low-Cost Term Life Insurance
AAII 1998 Aug Finding Universal Life Policies That Will Remain Competitive
AAII 1998 Apr Life Insurance Issues and the Proposed Tax Law Changes
JFP 1998 Apr Insurance Planning in the Face of Uncertain Tax Law Changes
AAII 1998 Feb Vanishing Premiums
JFP 1998 Feb Taking the Macro View on Annuities
1997 Dec
Putting Death Back into Life Insurance
AAII 1997 Nov A Reality Check:Do You Need to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?
JFP 1997 Oct Deciphering Cash Value Life Insurance Illustrations
1997 Aug
The Role of Insurance in Buy-Sell Planning for Businesses: Part 2
JFP 1997 Jun Be Wise About Disability Insurance
1997 Apr
The Role of Insurance in Continuation Planning of Closely-Held Businesses
JFP 1997 Apr Tax Issues Associated with Life Insurance
AAII 1997 Feb Experimental MSAs Offer Useful Approach for the Self-Employed
1996 Nov
Indexed Annuities: Too High a Price for Market 'Protection'
1996 Aug
Passing on Your Wealth: Gift Planning and the Use of Life Insurance
AAII 1996 Apr Be Wary of Products Marketed Mainly for Tax-Advantaged Status
JFP 1996 Apr Tax Reform Proposals Need Reforming
1996 Feb
Insurance Products and the Needs of the 50-Something Individual
1996 Feb
Detecting Illustration/Policy Performance Abuses
1995 Nov
The Life Cycle of Insurance Needs: A 30-Something Example
AAII 1995 Aug What to Do If You Are a Policyholder of a Failed Life Insurance Company
JFP 1995 Apr Minimizing Legal Exposure
AAII 1995 Jan Getting Specific: Selecting the Right Policy and Company
JFP 1995 Jan Less Filling, Great Taste
AAII 1994 Nov Clearing the Fog That Surrounds Policy Cash Values
JFP 1994 Oct A Perfectly Rational World
JFP 1993 Jul Piety and Perils of Low-Load
AAII 1992 Nov What to Look for in Disability Income Policies

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