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Services Provided

While each case that Katt & Company works on is unique, most work broadly falls into one of the following categories:

Review and Monitoring of Existing Life Insurance

By far our most common assignment is to review existing life insurance, that has about a 100% probability that either important opportunities are being missed or there are problems developing or the have already ripened but not noticed. Here is a list of policies especially in need of review.

  • Participating whole life
  • Universal life (often overpriced and overfunded)
  • Variable life (because of equity sub-account volatility premiums are unpredictable)
  • Vanishing-premium policies
  • Policy with large loans
  • Split-dollar policie
Purchasing New Life Insurance

It is a much easier task to assist clients with the purchase of new life insurance, in contrast to managing existing life insurance policies, because we can cover the menu of appropriate options with the client selecting the choice best suited to them. We can also make sure that life insurance is acquired with the minimum selling expenses. The most common uses of new life are involved with estate planning, business succession planning and family protection.


Disability Insurance

Analyzing existing disability income insurance and assisting with the purchase of new policies.


Long Term Care Insurance



Litigation and Arbitration - Expert Witness and Consultant



Policy Valuations

When life insurance policies need to be valued, usually for gift and income tax purposes. Typical situations include purchasing life insurance from a pension plan, gifting to a trust or transferring a policy from a company to the insured. The true value of the policy is often different than the cash surrender value and there can be very significant penalties if valuations are done incorrectly.


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